Over the years Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation has welcomed the challenge of delivering reliable, dependable, and competitively-priced energy to our commercial and industrial customers.

Although the wants and needs of our members have changed, one thing has remained constant, our determination to meet those needs. Sawnee understands that the day-to-day activities of running a successful business are rigorous enough without worrying about electricity. Therefore, we have developed ways of making your life easier.

Our professional energy staff stands ready with an array of personalized services flexible enough to fit your busy schedule and your business, regardless of its size.

Business Categories

Sawnee EMC is committed to providing our small commercial members economical, reliable electric service.  Our dedication lets you stay focused on running your business.

Large power users have the right, through the Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act of 1973, to select from any electric provider that is willing and able to serve their needs. This act gives customers with new connected loads of 900 kilowatts or greater a choice of electricity supplier.

Sawnee EMC offers an extremely competitive rate for these customers. We recommend that any developer or business that is considering a location for a new facility contact the Sawnee EMC Commercial Marketing Department so that we may assist you with any of your needs.