We are excited that you are interested in learning more about our Smart Savers Program and what it can do for you. Below you will find the benefits of the program.

What is the program?

The Smart Savers Program helps reduce energy usage during times of peak energy demand; it has the same goal as the existing Load Management program that we have had for over 30 years. However, with the Smart Savers program, there is no need for a physical “switch” to be connected to your outside HVAC unit…your smart thermostat acts as the switch. By enrolling your internet connected smart thermostat into our Smart Savers program, you agree to let Sawnee EMC make brief, limited adjustments of up to 4 degrees to your thermostat during times of peak electricity demand in the summer. For every thermostat you enroll, you will get $30. Plus, every following summer that you stay enrolled, you will receive up to $30 for continuing to participate.

You will save energy and money… and help Sawnee EMC keep electricity costs down.

Will I qualify?

• Are you a Sawnee EMC residential member?
• Do you use a central air conditioning unit to cool your home?
• Do you have, or plan to purchase, an Internet-connected smart thermostat?

If you answered "yes" to these three (3) questions, then you may be eligible to enroll your thermostat!

Can I participate in the Smart Savers Program if I already have the conventional Load Management Switch(es) installed at my residence?

Typically, NO. Not unless you have multiple HVAC systems, and you have a Load Management switch installed on one (1) HVAC unit, and another unit that does NOT have a switch installed on it. A single HVAC unit cannot participate in both programs at the same time. Please call us directly if you have a Load Management Switch installed at your home and you wish to enroll an additional unit into the Smart Saver program.

Which thermostats are eligible?

• Honeywell Home
• Lux
• Alarm.com
• Radio Thermostat
• Sensi
• ecobee

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I am ready to sign up; how do I get started?

Enroll now to get started.

I have more questions.

Fantastic! Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Email Us for additional information.

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Let SEMC install a Load Management Switch for your air conditioner or heat pump.