Limited English Proficiency (LEP)


Sawnee EMC is required under Executive Order 13166, “Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency”, to provide limited English speaking individuals with additional resources. Listed at this site are the various resources offered to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals by Sawnee EMC.

Limited English Proficiency Language Access Plan

A PDF version of Sawnee EMC’s Limited English Proficiency Language Plan is included here. This Plan outlines the steps that have been taken by Sawnee to assist LEP individuals in accessing Sawnee EMC services and programs.

Limited English Proficiency Complaint Procedure

Listed in the “Quick Links” section of this site is a Complaint Procedure (See Policy 421, Limited English Proficiency Program and the associated complaint form) for those LEP individuals within Sawnee’s service area. The complaint procedure form can be used to offer comments and to report any problems relating to access of Sawnee’s essential services.

Translated Documents

In support of its LEP Language Access Plan, Sawnee EMC has provided translations of vital documents. These documents are listed in the “Quick Links” section to the right. Additional document(s) can be provided, upon request, via the LEP Program complaint procedure form described above.

What Language Do You Speak?

To aid LEP individuals seeking essential services from Sawnee EMC, and in an effort to facilitate effective communication with Sawnee EMC staff, we have provided a “Language Identification” form in the “Quick Links” section of this site.

Contact Us

Sawnee EMC’s LEP Compliance Officer is its Vice President of Office Services, Mr. Ryan Satterfield. Any interested party may contact Sawnee’s LEP Compliance Officer by email at or by calling (770) 887-2363.

LEP Quick Links

Language Identification Form (PDF)

Limited English Proficiency Language Access Plan (PDF)

Policy 421, Limited English Proficiency Program (PDF)

Translated Documents