2024 Director Elections


Members of Sawnee EMC have the unique right and privilege to determine who represents them in the affairs of the Cooperative as members of its Board of Directors. This right is supported in the Corporation’s Bylaws and in the principles of our cooperative business structure.

Sawnee EMC has nine (9) members of its Board of Directors, one (1) from each directorate geographical district that exists throughout Sawnee’s service area, of which three (3) are up for consideration each year.

Directorate District Meeting Activities:

Below you will find the dates for the upcoming Directorate District meetings:

District 1 (Birmingham) – September 3, 2024
District 4 (Dougherty) – September 4, 2024
District 6 (Matt) – September 5, 2024

District 2 (Chestatee) – September 2, 2025
District 7 (Italy) – September 3, 2025
District 9 (Webb) – September 4, 2025

District 3 (Cumming) – September 1, 2026
District 5 (Ducktown) – September 2, 2026
District 8 (Ocee) – September 3, 2026 

What Directorate District Am I In?

If you do not know which SEMC directorate district you are assigned to, use the “District Assignment” tool to the right of this text or contact us and we will be happy to advise you of your assignment.

Additional Information:

More information relating to Sawnee EMC’s 2024 director election(s) and District Meeting(s) will be placed at this site as the process progresses throughout the year.

On the right side of this page are links to useful information relating to the various 2024 director election and district meeting activities.


Please feel free to contact Blake House, SEMC’s Vice President of Member Services, at 678-455-1510 or by email at blake.house@sawnee.coop if you have questions about the 2024 District Meeting activities, Sawnee EMC’s Director Election process or any information contained at this site.



Shown below are several items that will aid in reviewing various District Meeting activities:

1. Document Summary (PDF) - List of the documents that exist in support of the 2024 director election process.

2. SEMC Bylaws (PDF) - Current bylaws of the Corporation.

3. SEMC Policy 211 (PDF) - General qualifications to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

4. SEMC Policy 401 (PDF) - Board approved policy that describes how Cooperative information can be requested.

5. Director Petition Form (PDF) - Sample form that can be used in support of the petition process.

6. Important Dates (PDF) - Important dates for activities that are to occur in 2024.

7. Newsletter Notice (PDF) - Newsletter notices regarding the 2024 Director election process.

8. FAQS (PDF) - Frequently asked questions that arise from members about the District Meeting and Director election process.

9. Maps of Directorate Districts - These are "representations" of the precise directorate districts and a member's exact location may vary from what is shown below.
District #1 - Birmingham (PDF)
District #2 - Chestatee (PDF)
District #3 - Cumming (PDF)
District #4 - Dougherty (PDF)
District #5 - Ducktown (PDF)
District #6 - Matt (PDF)
District #7 - Italy (PDF)
District #8 - Ocee (PDF)
District #9 - Webb (PDF)

10. District Assignment - To find out which directorate district you are located in, use the link below and enter your account number or contact our Customer Care Center (770-887-2363)

Directorate District Locator