Operation Round Up

In 2003, Sawnee EMC adopted an innovative program called Operation Round Up. As a Sawnee EMC member, you have the opportunity to help charitable organizations in your community. Your donation is small but the rewards are tremendous.

Operation Round Up was founded by Palmetto Electric in South Carolina in 1989. Since the start of the program, Palmetto Electric has been able to give over $3.8 million back to the communities they serve. The staff of Sawnee EMC took the same idea and applied it to its service area.

As an Operation Round Up participant, your donations are tax deductible and only go to 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (4) organizations. Participating members will donate an average of $6.00 a year. For instance, if your bill is $41.20, it will be "rounded up" to $42.00, with the additional 80 cents going into the Sawnee Electric Membership Foundation. If you are on budget billing, your bill will be rounded up $1.00.

This program is overseen by an independent Board of Directors and 100% of the donated funds stay in our communities. This board of volunteers reviews applications and distributes the funds. Please partner with Sawnee EMC to help give back to those truly in need in our local area. Operation Round Up is an easy way for us all to donate a small amount of change and, together, make big differences.

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For more information, please call Mandy Love at 678-455-1579 or the Customer Service Center at 770-887-2363